Best Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Active and Passive bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds in the market

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Noise Cancelation is a widely spoken topic in this modern age, primarily among the top headphones and earbuds manufacturers. They consider it as the benchmark of headphones. As of late, we have noticed a significant drive towards truly wireless earbuds. So today we are bringing best bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds in market.Many consumers are moving towards truly wireless earbuds from the traditional headphones. Unlike a few years back, where you had only a few options in the market, we are now seeing many new brands and products ranging from 100$ to 300$.

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These products come with different features. Some are unique to one model, and some are common between many models. One of the main features that consumers look for is Noise Cancelation. Noise Cancelation is a technology that reduces or eliminate ambient noises which enhance the quality of the Audio through your headphone or earbuds. There are three significant types of bluetooth noise cancelation earbuds – Active, Passive, and Adaptive.

Active Noise Cancelation

This is the most advanced type of noise cancelation, used in earbuds. When you look into its history, in 1933 is Dr. Paul Lueg, who laid down the foundation of this technology, which we are using now. How does this technology reduce or eliminate ambient noise from disturbing the user’s audio experience?

Active Noise Cancelation initially detects the ambient Noise and identifies its soundwaves. Then it produces a soundwave, which is equal to the magnitude but in the opposite shape and feeds it back to the earbud to drown out the ambient noise.

You might wonder how this newly produced soundwave does not affect the Audio you are already listening to. The earbuds use the microphones on the outside of the earbuds to initially detect the ambient noises. This means the soundwave would only drown out the same magnitude’s soundwaves, picked from the microphones outside the earbuds.

Passive Noise Cancelation

Passive Noise Cancelation is the most basic way of noise cancelation. It refers to as “Noise Isolation.” Generally, Passive Noise Cancelation is achieved by how the earbuds physically fit into your ear. These types of earbuds come with various designs that help prevent ambient Noise from entering into your ear. This is the most common method of noise cancelation used in earbuds. The amount of Noise cancelation would differ from one product to another depending on the earbuds’ seal and physical fit.

Adaptive Noise Cancelation

Adaptive Noise Cancelation is not something you always hear. However, it is quite similar to Active Noise Cancelation, but it is a more complicated technology. Adaptive Noise Cancelation also uses the opposite soundwave to drown out the ambient noise, but it uses advanced computer algorithms to detect the ambient, and it produces more accurate soundwaves to cancel out Noise.

It pays attention to what you’ listening to and the physical fit, depending on your type of ear. It collects all these data to provide you with the ideal noise cancelation.

Now that we have a better idea of what happens in noise cancelation let us move into the important topic. What are the best bluetooth Noise-canceling earbuds in the market? Well, to be fair to all the products that we have listed, we have broken it down into two segments; the first segment will be on earbuds, which use Active Noise Cancelation. The second segment will be on earbuds that use Passive Noise Cancelation

Best Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

  1. Sennheiser Momentum 
  2. Apple Airpod Pro
  3. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
sennheiser momentum 2 wireless headset

Sennheiser Momentum 2 - The Best Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds


The Sennheiser Momentum 2 tops our list of best bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds. Sennheiser disappointed many of its users after launching the 1st generation of the Sennheiser Momentum, which came with very battery power, and it did not have Active Noise Cancelation. Sennheiser managed to get it right with the 2nd generation with extended battery life and solid Active Noise Cancelation. Momentum bluetooth earbuds comes with latest bluetooth version 5.1 


Excellent Sound Quality

Active Noise Cancelation


Bluetooth 5.1

Lightweight and Comfortable Design

Fully Customizable Controls

Sennheiser has been pioneers in Audio Equipment for many years, and they have never disappointed the consumers when it comes to audio quality. These new Sennheiser Momentum 2 provides excellent, mature audio quality, which adds real value for money. There is a single-mic dedicated for Active Noise Cancelation in each earbud, which works in tandem with Passive Noise Cancelation achieved through the seal. You could always switch to transparent hearing mode to switch off Active Noise Cancelation to hear what Is happening around you.

It uses bespoke 7mm Dynamic Drivers to provide excellent audio quality. The Sennheiser Momentum 2 has extended the battery life up to 7 hours, and the charging case adds another 21 hours of battery life. However, few negatives come along with all the positives in the Sennheiser Momentum 2. It has a hefty price tag of 299$, which is 50$ higher than the Airpod Pros. It also comes with a water resistance rating of IPX4, which is less, and the charging case does not support wireless charging.

However, considering the audio quality, battery life, and Active Noise Cancelation, it is fair to say the Sennheiser Momentum 2 justifies its price tag and deserves to be at the top of our list of best bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds.

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apple wireless airpods - latest apple air pods pro 2020 review and rating by

Apple Airpod Pro

Apple Airpod Pro stormed into the market with an all-new design and much better features than its predecessor. It takes the second place in our list of best bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds, falling a little short against the Sennheiser Momentum. The only factor that sets these two products apart is the audio quality; Sennheiser has a superior audio quality than what you get in these Apple Airpod Pros and these awesome earbuds comes with Bluetooth 5.0


Active Noise Cancelation


Excellent audio Quality

Bluetooth 5.0​

Rich Design

However, the Aipod Pro uses a single mic on the outside of each earbud to detect the ambient noise. It uses another inward-facing mic to detect Noise inside your ear, and it eliminates the noise using an anti-noise soundwave. The drivers continuously check 200 times per second on ambient Noise to produce more accurate noise cancelation for the user. ANC can be switched to Transparency mode if you wish to let in the ambient Noise so that you know what is happening around you.

The Airpod Pro uses the inward-facing mic to listen to what you are listening to and adjust the EQ according to the sound. It uses custom-built high-excursion, low-distortion drivers to give an excellent audio experience. The Apple H1 chip controls the amplifier and works seamlessly with IOS devices, which adds more value for money.

A few negatives would be the IPX4 water-resistant rating and the fact that it is not as user friendly for android or windows users. Apart from that, Apple Aipod Pro is one of the best products in the market.


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samsung galaxy buds live 2020 - samsung latest wireless earbuds Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review and Ratings

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live


Open type Active Noise Cancelation drowns the low-end noises happening in the background while letting in the high-end sounds. For example, when you’re working in the office with the Galaxy Buds Live in your ear, you would not hear others’ footsteps, but you will listen to someone calling your name in a higher pitch. This is something unique that comes with the Galaxy buds Live.


Open-type Active Noise Cancelation

Affordable Price

Unique Design

Bluetooth 5.0

8-hour Battery Life

The Active Noise Cancelation you get in the Apple Airpod Pro, and the Sennheiser Momentum 2 is different from what you get with these all-new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. The Airpod Pro and the Sennheiser Momentum 2 drowns out all external noises once the ANC is activated, while the Galaxy buds Live lets in high pitched Noise such as the voice of people or announcements.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live comes with 8 hours of battery life. The charging case provides 21 hours of additional playback time, which is more than enough to get through the day. The Galaxy Buds Live comes with a whole different design. It does not have a rubber ear tip to push into the ear; neither does it have an ear hook or loop. Unfortunately, for some users, this might not work. The fit would not withstand sudden moves or repetitive moves during workout sessions or an evening jog.

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Best Bluetooth Passive Noise Cancelling Earbuds

  1. Jabra Elite Active 75t
  2. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
  3. Powerbeats Pro
  4. Google Pixel Buds 2
Jabra elite active 75t reviews and rating from the best wireless earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 75t


The Jabra Elite Active 75t takes the top spot in the Passive Noise Cancelation segment. Without a doubt, these Jabra Elite Active 75t is one of the best for all-around performance. If you are looking for real value for your money, the Jabra Elite Active 75t is the best. 7-hour battery life would not be as high as the Samsung Galaxy Buds plus, but an additional 28 hours, provided by the charging case, is more than enough for you to get through the day.Elite Active support for Bluetooth 5.0


Better Battery Life

7-hour uninterrupted battery life + 28 hours from the charging case

Excellent Passive Noise Cancelation

Bluetooth 5.0

IPX7 Water Resistant Rating

Affordable Price

The Jabra Elite Active 75t provides excellent fit using its design to drown out ambient noise. You get the option of switching on “Hearthrough Mode,” which enables you to hear what is happening around you by using external microphones to feed in the surrounding sounds. If you wish to be isolated from the rest, you could easily switch this off and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

The Jabra Elite Active 75t comes with 6mm speakers to provide excellent sound quality, which adds significant value for money. It also comes with an IPx7 rating. Users won’t be needing to worry about using the earbuds in heavy rain. All these features mentioned above contribute to these Jabra Elite Active 75t to be right at the top of our Best Truly Wireless Earbuds list. It will cost you 200$, which is entirely worth what you are getting from the Jabra Elite Active 75t.


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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus - A guaranteed 11 hours of uninterrupted playback is what you get with these Samsung Galaxy Buds plus. Seamless pairing and reliable touch sensor for the controls makes these very convenient for the user - best wireless earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus


The Samsung Galaxy buds plus truly wireless earbuds come with passive noise cancelation. Although it’s not as good as what you get with Jabra Elite Active 75t, these earbuds do an excellent job of canceling out the ambient noises. The user can control the ambient sound input from the app. There are three settings of low, mid, and high. There are microphones in each earbud, used to control the audio output.


11-hour Playback

Seamless Pairing

Trendier Design

When Samsung launched the Galaxy buds plus, it stormed into the market boasting 11 hours of uninterrupted playback. This is by far the highest battery capacity amongst all other competitors in the market. The charging case, which supports wireless charging, can be charged using any power-sharing mobile phone, making life easier for the user. 

However, A very low water resistance rating of IPX2 is one of the primary reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus isn’t at its top. Apart from that, paying 200$ for these earbuds is entirely worth it.

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Powerbeats pro wireless earbuds by beats by dre

Powerbeats Pro


The Powerbeats Pro is by far the best earbuds for an active lifestyle. The design is perfect for sudden moves during workout sessions; the fixed ear hooks keep the earbuds in place at all times. Although the system is quite big compared to other truly wireless earbuds already in the market, these earbuds stay flush in your ear. This deserves the third place due to the quality of sound and the fact that it provides excellent passive noise cancelation.


Perfect Fit


9-hour Battery Life

The Powerbeats pro comes with a water-resistant rating of IPX4. The battery capacity of 9 hours, which makes these earbuds ideal for daily use. Compared to many Truly Wireless earbuds such as Airpods or the Jabra, these Powerbeats Pro proves to be way ahead when it comes to battery performance. Beats by Dr. Dre has never disappointed when it comes to audio quality. Since it is under Apple, the Powerbeats Pro comes with an inbuilt Ai chip which works seamlessly with Apple products.

Apart from the hefty price tag of 249$, these Powerbeats Pro deserve to be at the top three of our Best Passive Noise Canceling earbuds list.

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Google Pixel Buds 2 - Review of Design,Audio Quality,Battery Life

Google Pixel Buds 2


The Google Pixel Buds 2 was a significant upgrade from its 1st generation, which came with the two earbuds connected with a wire. The new design uses fixed ear fins that could suit you, but it could not fit some other user. Because of this fixed ear fin, the user might find Noise slipping into the ear due to poor sealing. Hence, it is in the fourth spot on our list.



Wireless Charging

Only 179$

Rich design

These truly wireless earbuds come with a water resistance rating IPX4. The charging case supports wireless charging. Apart from the guaranteed 5 hours of uninterrupted playback, the charging case adds another 19 hours of battery life, making life easier for the user.

However, Google Pixel Buds costs 179$ only, which is reasonable and affordable to most customers.

Pixel Buds 2 Review