Apple Airpods Pro Review - Apple Earbuds

The all new Apple AirPod Pro’s review on its features pros and cons

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Tha AirPod Pros come with Active Noise Cancelation, with increased sound quality and brand new design. Silicon ear tips and force sensor inside the smaller stem makes these trendier and much more comfortable for the user. These AirPods Pro’s are definitely worth the price.

Apple Airpods Pro Earbuds Review

Welcome back for yet another review of truly wireless earbuds. Today we are going to look at one of the most discussed and accessible Apple Airpods Pro. Apple has made a giant stride in making their new product one of the best in the market. With new features and, most importantly, a trendier design, the Airpods Pro is worth taking a look. Even though Apple has upgraded these truly wireless earbuds, some things could have been better. We will take a closer look at everything in detail.


Apple Airpods Pro Price Details
$ 208
At Amazon
Apple Airpods Pro – Wireless Airpods Review $208.11
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Product Name: Apple Airpods Pro

Product Description: Apple’s latest wireless earbuds Apple Airpod Pro comes with Active Noise Cancelation, with increased sound quality and a brand new design. Silicon ear tips and force sensor inside the smaller stem makes these trendier and much more comfortable for the user. These AirPods Pro’s are definitely worth the price.

Brand: Apple

  • Audio Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Mic
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Comfortable
  • Connectivity
  • Durability
  • Controls


The New AirPod Pros are a big upgrade from its predecessor, with the new design, and Active Noise Cancellation, these truly wireless earbuds undoubtedly one of the best in the market.




  • Comfortable and Secure Earbuds Design​
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Seamless Connectivity and Bluetooth 5.0​
  • Seamless Pairing



  • IPX4 Rating
  • Battery Life


apple airpods pro truly wireless earbuds - review and rating , pros and cons , audio quality of features

Apple Airpods Pro - Pros and Cons


Comfortable and Secure Earbuds Design​

Silicon ear tip makes it comfortable and earbuds sticks in your ear perfectly

Active Noise Cancellation

One of the best feature comes with Apple Ear Buds

Seamless Connectivity and Bluetooth 5.0​

Support Bluetooth 5.0 and no latency issues

Seamless Pairing

Superfast pairing


IPX4 Rating

Resistant to water splashes from any direction

Battery Life

Apple Wireless Earbuds comes with 5 hours playback

Apple Airpods Pro - Pros

Comfortable and Secure Earbuds Design

Many good things are worth mentioning. Let us start with the design. The shorter stem and silicon ear tips are enormous upgrades from its previous model. The silicon ear tip makes it comfortable, and most importantly, it sticks in your ear perfectly. The Airpod Pro is come with the stem, but its design is so slick, it does not stick out from the ear. Most genuinely wireless earbuds come with touch sensitivity or a button, but the Airpods Pro comes with a force sensor. The force sensor in the stem and a simple squeeze controls all the main functions you need.

apple airpods pro apple wireless earbuds price and reviews

Active Noise Cancelation

Apart from the better design, the best feature in these truly wireless earbuds is Active Noise Cancelation. You wouldn’t get ANC in the Samsung Galaxy buds plus or the Jabra Elite Active 75t. It does an excellent job of drowning the exterior noises. You can switch from Active Noise Cancelation mode to Transparency mode, where the mics allow outside sounds to fill in. Having ANC lifts the Airpods Pro above many other competitors who use passive noise cancelation.

airpods amazon for sale - price and review and rating

Seamless Connectivity and Bluetooth 5.0

The lightweight and slim and tiny charging case makes it easy to take it wherever you want. There have not been any syncing delays when it comes to watching videos on Youtube or Netflix. The 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity does its job, providing undisturbed connectivity within 1000 Sq. Meter radius. It supports pairing with multiple devices, and it seamlessly swaps from one device to the other.
wireless earpods - apple airpods amazon

Dolby Atmos

Apple announced a huge firmware update which brought in immersive 3D sound using Dolby Atmos Spatial audio. This makes the listening hear music all around you and that’s a new experience for the user. Also, this firmware updates brings auto switch option where the AirPods Pro detect which device you are using and it connects to the relevant device. This makes life much easier for the user.

Apple Airpods Pro - Cons

IPX4 Rating - Low water resistance rating

Well, there few significant drawbacks in these Apple Airpod Pro. First, IP 4 rated water resistance. It only stands against water splashes, which means it could malfunction if you wear them in the rain or get submerged in water, whereas the Jabra Elite Active 75t comes with a IPX7 rating. If you have an active lifestyle and you’re a person who would want to keep to your training, even during rain, you better think twice before you take your Airpods with you.

Battery Life

The battery life has improved from its predecessor, but it is still below average. Apple guarantees 5 hours of music playback with an additional 24 hours from the charging case. Many of the other products such as the Jabra Elite Active 75t which gives 7.5 hours of battery could be more appealing for the consumer. It is being tested, and it provides four and a half hours of non-stop playback with Active Noise Cancellation. For everyday use, it would not make the cut with such average battery life.

No Volume control

The new Airpods Pro made a few significant changes to their design. One is adding the force touch on to the stem. However, there is another huge let down when it comes to the functions of the force touch. You do not get the option of customizing the touch and hold function into the volume control. Unfortunately, Apple has taken that option away from the user. You could ask Siri to decrease or increase volume, but it would have been ideal if there was an option to customize it into the force touch.

apple airpod deals and airpods pro review

Undesirable for Android and Windows users

Unfortunately, Android and Windows users, their digital assistants, would not respond with the Airpods. It means changing the volume can only be achieved by using your phone. These are basic options you get in most Truly Wireless Earbuds. Also, other essential features like auto play/Pause does not work with Android or Windows platforms. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus responds to both IOS and Android platforms, so If you are not an Apple user, doubt it would be worthwhile going for the Airpods Pro.

Apple Airpods Pro- Design and Durability

Apple Airpods Pro has come with a whole different design. It is undoubtedly an upgrade from its predecessor a shorter stem and, most importantly, the silicon tip. The Airpods had a plastic tip that was found to be bothering many uses. However, Apple has rectified it with Silicon eartips, which are pressed into the earbud through a plastic ring.

These eartips come with three sizes, which can be changed according to your liking. The shorter stem makes it trendier and more compact so that the chances of these Airpods getting stuck with something or falling off have decreased. It does form a tighter grip on the ear, which is ideal for users with an active lifestyle.

The shorter stem comes with force touch, and it makes things easy and more definite compared to the touch sense. All in all, the design is a huge step forward from the previous model.

Apple made a conscious effort to make these Airpod Pro’s as comfortable as possible to the user. They use a vent system to equalize pressure the pressure inside the ear while wearing these earbuds. It balances the air, and you wouldn’t feel airlocked inside your ear, which could be uncomfortable for most users.

Apart from the silicon ear tips, everything else is made of plastic. Its one of the lightest truly wireless earbuds you could find in the market these days. It is fair to say Apple has scored high when it comes to the design.

apple earpods pro design review
apple wireless headset - review and rating white color earbuds
apple airpods pro review - apple wireless earbuds pros and cons

Control and Digital Assistant

With the changes in the design, Apple added the force sensor as the controllers. The previous model had a sensitive touch. The force sensor is inside a shorter stem, and there is definite improvement when it comes to functions provided physically using the force sensor. There are a few hard-wired functions that it comes with.

Touch Buttons Functions

Single Press

Press the stem once to Play/Pause or Answer Calls

Double Press

Press the stem twice to Skip to the next track

Triple Press

Press the stem thrice to jump to the previous track

Press and Hold

Press and Hold stem to Switch to Active Noise Cancellation Mode or Transparency Mode.

Unlike the Sennheiser Momentum 2 which comes with fully customizable controls, you have the option of customizing the fourth function of Press and Hold into calling in Siri. The Airpods Pro does not come with a designated app so, you need to go into Bluetooth settings, Select the Airpods Pro and follow the instructions. There are three modes when it comes to Noise Control. Active Noise Cancellation, Off, and Transparency. You can customize the cycle of these three modes in the same way by selecting Airpods Pro from the Bluetooth settings.

The biggest drawback when it comes to functions in these new Airpods Pro is the fact that it does not allow volume control through physical touch. The only way the user can control volume without using your phone is by asking Siri to do it for you.

When it comes using digital assistance, the new Apple Airpod Pro responds only to Siri. It is unfortunate for Non-IOS users who would want to try these out. However, the AirPods Pro syncs perfectly well with Android or Windows devices.

App and Special Features

Apple has not introduced a separate app for the Airpod Pro. Other competitors such as the Sennheiser Momentum 2 or the Jabra Elite Active 75t, comes with an app which gives full control to the users. For IOS users, you could customize the functions by going into settings. Selecting the Bluetooth settings and then clicking on the “I” mark in front of the Airpod Pro. For Android and Windows users, there is nothing much you could customize when it comes to these Airpods Pro.

When it comes to special features, the first thing that comes to mind is the Active Noise Cancellation. It makes these genuinely wireless earbuds one of the best in the market in this price range. Apart from that, there are basic special features such as auto-pause/play. There is another unique feature in the Bluetooth setting, which is the Ear Tip fit test. You can see whether you are using the ideal ear tips by going through this test.

Audio Quality

It is fair to say that Apple has gone a few steps ahead compared to its previous model with regards to audio. The Mids are close to perfect. It works well with podcasts and audiobooks with clean and natural sound. There is nothing artificial about the quality of audio when it comes to these Airpod Pro. The bass is average. It is nothing special, and we believe it could have been a bit deeper. But, it is still a vast improvement from its previous model.
The highs are also not that extravagant. So, you would not feel those high hats or high notes. However, we must mention that there is no distortion whatsoever. The soundstage effect is also not so good due to low bass and the heavy emphasis on the mids. Apple plays it safe, and it is perfect for all-day use. Still, if you are a real critique of audio quality, you would find few shortcomings with these truly wireless earbuds.

apple wireless airpods - latest apple air pods pro 2020 review and rating by

Noise Cancelation and Transparency 

Apple stepped up its big time when it comes to noise cancellation by adding Active Noise Cancelation to the fore. The technology is used to well, and it works perfectly in a crowded place to drown all the exterior noises to help the user enjoy undisturbed quality audio. The Airpod Pro’s use two beamforming microphones and an inward-facing microphone to isolate outside noise from your voice. Having ANC, makes these earbuds far superior to the Google Pixel Buds 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

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Whenever you switch to Transparency mode, these mics work in tandem to pump in outside noise into your ear so that you are aware of what is happening around you. You also have the “Off” option where the Airpods Pro stay between Active Noise Cancelation mode and Transparency mode. You do not have the option of controlling the level of these modes. Still, when you are in Active Nose Cancelation mode, 65% volume would be enough and more to drown yourself in music.

apple new airpods - latest apple wireless earbuds

Battery and Performance

Five hours of battery life is what you get from these new Airpod Pro’s. Its another improvement from the previous model. Apple guarantees four and a half hours of constant playback with Active Noise Cancellation in use. The battery life is just about average when it comes to other truly wireless earbuds that are available in the market. Apple’s arch-rival Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus provide a whopping 11 hours of battery life which is way better than what you get with the Apple Airpod Pro’s.

apple airpods pro case - apple bluetooth headset

Apple Airpods Pro Charging Case

A charging case is convenient to carry around. It is slim and could easily fit into your small pocket in the jeans. It comes with a Type charger, and it supports wireless charging, which makes life easier for the user. The charging case offers 24 hours of playback to the Airpod Pro’s, which is more than enough for the daily commute.
It supports quick charge, and a quick 15-minute charge gives 3 hours of playback time from the Airpod Pro. The slim and tiny design, wireless charging, and the fast charge facility make the charging case ideal for anyone who uses the Airpods Pro right through the day.

what are the best true wireless earbuds? - Apple airpods pro

Call Quality and Connectivity

The Airpod Pro’s comes with very natural and clean audio when it comes to calling. There is no artificial sound at all, which is good. You can switch from Active Noise Cancellation mode to Transparency mode during your calls. The technology does an excellent job of taking away any white noise or breeze during calls, which makes this one of the best truly wireless earbuds in the market.
These truly wireless earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0, which gives reliable coverage over 1100 square meter apartment with 100% accuracy. There aren’t any syncing delays when it comes to watching videos on Youtube or Netflix. There is seamless pairing, and switching from one device to another, takes only a matter of seconds.

Final Say

All in all, if you are already using Apple products, buying these Airpod Pro’s would be the ideal and best option for you. It works seamlessly with IOS devices. For the rest, there are few shortcomings when it comes to functions and features. However, the Active Noise Cancellation does an excellent job, and the Charging case is ideal for day to today use.
The audio quality is average, but when you look at the bigger picture, we passionately believe these Airpod Pro’s make the hefty 250$ price tag worth it. Here is what we think, please do let us know what you think about these and help our community to make the right choice.

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